Product Name : Door coordinator, pull side fixing
Product No : SDC
Product Description
  No. 2812


  • Door closers with cam action system with integrated mechanical door coordinator for double leaf doors
  • Certified in compliance with EN1158, power size EN3-5
  • Mechanical door coordinator in continuous guide track
  • All components fully integrated into continuous guide track
  • In combination with carry bar installed on inactive leaf at push side to ensure the correct sequence of door closing
  • In combination with cam action door closers to fulfill barrier free building requirements (DDA)
  • For fire and smoke protection doors with hinge distance from 1350 to 2500 mm
Technical data SDC
Hinge distance 1350-2500 mm
Fire and smoke protection Yes
Height 32.5 mm
Depth 32 mm
Length Up to hinge distance
Certified in compliance with EN 1158
CE mark Yes

Application Ranges

  • Standard door mounted on pull side
  • Can be used for left and right handed doors


  • Painted - Silver


  • Carry bar (standard accessory)



• G: Active leaf, the first opening and last closing leaf of a rebated single swing double door set

• S: Inactive leaf, the last opening and first closing leaf of a rebated single swing double door set

  • BS EN 1158 (Door coordinator devices)
  • BS EN 1634 (Fire)
  • SDC (with door closer T93P and EHO)
           →Read more about T93P and EHO