Fortress Hardware (Taiwan Fu Hsing Group)
is one of the leading Taiwanese manufacturers when it comes to door control solutions for the global market. By virtue of our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled staff, and insistence on outstanding quality control, we can provide a full range of products and services to our customers that satisfy all needs. Be it surface mounted or overhead concealed door closers, or exit devices, floor springs, and transom closers, Fortress has the right product for your fire safety needs, both for commercial and residential settings.

Our dedication to quality is reflected in the wide range of international certifications held by our products. Be it the European CE standard, or the UL and ANSI standards for North America, we provide door control hardware that is certified for mechanical performance as well as fire resistance. Should customers require adherence to market-specific standards not covered by either CE or UL/ANSI, we will strive to provide the right solution as well.

Fortress prides itself as one of the foremost manufacturers of top grade cam action door closers. Produced according to the highest quality expectations, cam action-powered overhead and concealed door closers excel through their high ease of opening and superior efficiency, all the while maintaining a sleek look through their slim slide rails and arms.

At the same time, we also continue to offer tried-and-true traditional door closers. Be it with standard arm or slide rails, these rack and pinion models benefit from over forty years of manufacturing experience to ensure unrivalled stability and reliability.

Beyond this, Fortress strives to innovate and think outside the box. As such, we are now offering our very own electromagnetic hold open solution to be used with our door coordinator system. Moreover, our portfolio sees an increase in glass hardware such as hydraulic patch closers and floor springs. Finally, our exit devices range is constantly being updated and expanded.